Dan Fredman (dan@danfredman.com)
Dan Fredman launched DFPR in 2004 after spending several decades working in and around the wine industry for the likes of Kermit Lynch, Oxnard’s Grateful Palate, and LA’s Wine House. The move into public relations came from a desire to help wine folks find better methods of communicating their stories to all levels of the industry. As a lifelong musician and one-time music producer, Dan brings a creative eye and ear to the business of communications. As a self-proclaimed wine zealot, he approaches the job of wine public relations as an advocate, rather than a publicist. Dan Fredman was the 2007 recipient of Hospice du Rhône’s “Person of the Year” award, spent valuable time in the Master of Wine program, is an Eagle Scout, and drives automobiles with great alacrity and speed.


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